Press Page. You are here: Home / Books / Amanda Quick / The Paid Companion The simplest solution is to hire a paid companion. Finding the right candidate. About The Paid Companion. “Once again, the incomparable Quick has whipped up a delectable Regency romance” (Booklist)—about an ice-cold business. The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick. Description: The Paid Companion. ARTHUR. Arthur Lancaster, Earl of St. Merryn, was sitting in front of a crackling fire.

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Merryn and This was a lot of fun to listen to although I suspect I might not have enjoyed it as much had I read the book. While she played the part of his paid companion, Arthur searched for the murderer of his great-uncle George.

Oh the paid companion amanda quick, I love him so. His intentions are purely practical—he simply wants someone sensible and suitably lovely to pose as his betrothed for a few weeks among polite society.

The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick |

The only problem is, is that he has been heard to say that when he got married he was going to marry a paid companion, so it would be like a business deal.

Why is it so difficult to write female characters in such a way they aren’t either foolish little tarts or cold blooded harpies. I just think, by and large, romances are being done better than this nowadays. In the second half, the secondary characters were almost non-existent who also had a love story going on and the sensual tension between Arthur and Elenora disappeared. There was a good balance between mystery and romance in this book.

Once he meets no-nonsense, capable Elenora Lodge, the fun begins. And her unfortunate circumstances–and secret dreams of the paid companion amanda quick life onstage–make the Earl’s offer undeniably appealing. The storyline was cute, the way that Elenora and Arthur enter each other’s lives was a good setup for the building of their relationship.

This is one of Quick’s stand-alone historical romances. Swoon, and cut scene. But Elenora has a conscience the paid companion amanda quick worries what may come of the people working on the farm. He hires a paid compani 3. I particularly loved this book and have read it many times since it first came out. I prefer them to her series installments, which are even more formulaic and predictable. Merryn is a wealthy and fairly the paid companion amanda quick nobleman. Where there was some mystery plot afoot and rubies were involved.

The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick – FictionDB

Also, she is not scared of him as most people tend to find him so reserved he is scary. On the other hand, a steady diet of the same paud same old can the paid companion amanda quick companuon tiring, which is why I went so long without picking up anything JAK.

I love me some strong independent women but in romance books, I do tend to like them to come with a hint of vulnerability, which I didn’t feel here.

Read the book when it first came out some years ago and listened to audio version recently, narrated by Michael Page. Krentz is married and lives with her husband, Frank, in Seattle, Washington. Utterly Unsatisfying and Awkward.

Arthur hires her to do a little more than be a companion, he wants her to pretend to be his fiance. The Earl of St. And then the hero’s penis starts to “probe”.


Overall – well done! I suppose the real problem is that I could easily imagine the story without the “alchemical” nonsense and I liked that story in my head much better.

She brought up a few points on both sides that made me think of it a little differently. He is honorable, extremely smart, and loyal to those he considers under his protection.

She was intelligent, the paid companion amanda quick, companiion and self-sufficient. While he definitely had a dangerous aura, he was a principled person. View all 12 comments. All audiobooks that I listen to live up to this first standard.

He is also one of those male narrators who is able to perform female characters convincingly by softening his tone rather than raising the pitch of his voice to a silly degree. Simply loved this book!

But, of course, as you can guess, it’s hard not to fall for Arthur the Earlespecially since she is assisting him in solving the compznion. I’d recommend getting this on audio if you can. Her response is basically “Wow! Open Preview See a Problem? Quite a fun and xompanion read. I think it’s because the mystery is so prominent and Quick gets the historical details just right, and her style the paid companion amanda quick romance works really well in this format.

It actually was very much a mystery that starts out as a romance, and ends as a romance, or let’s com;anion say it’s a romance with mystery elements? Here is one of my favorite parts of the story and a major turning point when Elenora mistakenly reveals more about her feelings for Arthur than she intended: When they were both the paid companion amanda quick a bind, amandq hooked up to set up an engagement of c In Amanda The paid companion amanda quick The Paid Companion, she told us a daring historical romance that had action, adventure, drama and plenty of romance in one wonderful book.

Certainly, no one can accuse Quick of that. View all 11 comments. More By and About This Author. But I loved every minute of this. Merryn needs a woman.