Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screener: Eye Cards & Eye Charts: Vision Assessment: Amcon Labs – The Eyecare Supply Center. Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screener Card – ON SALE! Item # ***ON SALE!* ** List Price $ The pricing valid dates on our July/August printed special. Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screener A handy portable card with many uses. Has 20/ to 20/20 at 14 inches. Also lists Jaeger and point scales of print.

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Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screener Card

The screener contains three lines with seven letters in each. Refractive error in children in a rural population in India. The Pocket Vision Screener is a compact and simple tool to use in addition to being very cost effective. Principles and Practice of Screening for Disease. rosenbaum pocket vision screener

Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screener Card – ON SALE!

In India, blindness has been recognized as an important public health problem. Rosenbaum pocket vision screener were classified as normal or deficient based on the logMAR visual acuity measurement.

The box is included in this picture for clarity; it does not appear in the Pocket Vision Screener. The remaining two letters were randomly chosen from the Sloan letters. Novel initiatives such as training teachers to screen school children have shown to reduce the workload of eye care specialists.


Visual acuity logMAR for each subject was determined using the formula: All visual acuity testing was performed by a single rosenbaum pocket vision screener. It is highly acceptable and subject-friendly, as it can be administered with ease, and consumes less time.

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Dandona L, Dandona R. Subjects were seated at a distance of 3 m from the chart.

rosehbaum Table 1 Truth table for the measurement made with the Pocket Vision Screener. Primary eye care centres and outreach. The screeners were printed on a gsm, matt finished paper using a laser printer with the cost of production INR Children failing this test are srceener for further evaluation.

Conclusion Rosenbaum pocket vision screener Pocket Vision Screener is highly sensitive and specific and has a good positive and negative predictive value. Visual acuity logMAR for each subject was determined using the formula:. The spacing between the rows and the spacing between adjacent letters in a row were set equal to 6. The Pocket Vision Screener is highly sensitive and specific and has a good positive and negative predictive value.

Development of Pocket Vision Screener and its effectiveness at screening visual acuity deficits

Few combinations of the seven letter sequences were chosen based on the row legibility scores. There were subjects of whom 57 were male.


A version of the Pocket Vision Screener. We have designed a compact chart for screening general population incorporating logMAR chart design principles. Modern chart construction uses the principles of geometric progression of letter sizes, usage of letters of equal legibility, and normalization of rosenbaum pocket vision screener.

We tested the ability of the Pocket Vision Screener to correctly identify visual acuity deficits. The Aravind comprehensive eye survey. Utilisation of eye care services in rural south India: What is the global burden of visual impairment?

Delivering refractive error services: Measurement of visual acuity is usually the first step in the evaluation of the visual system. Of these, 39 million are estimated to be blind.

Am J Optom Physiol Opt. Footnotes Source of Support: New visual acuity charts for clinical research.