Import Quickbooks QBB file into Excel. I read that this can be done but I have not tried it. If you need to open Quickbooks in Excel, here is instructions (it may work . A QBB file is created by Intuit’s Quick Books software when the backup feature is utilized. These files are proprietary and cannot be read by any other software. QBB is a file extension for a backup file format used by Intuit Inc’s Quickbooks. Quickbooks is a set of software solutions designed to manage payroll, inventory, .

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The data typically contains templates, financial information, letters, images, and other content used with database style applications. Usually, file name extensions should not be changed because you might not be able to open or edit the file after doing so.

To change covert file name extension, first ensure that file name extensions are visible. Having problems opening a QBB file? In this case I will surely require to read the. To open a Fiel file, try double clicking on the file to see if it automatically opens in a default application. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and Open Office Spreadsheet is available as a free download from OpenOffice.

gile How do I change a file name extension? This may not be much help to you but the others may be misunderstanding what you are asking. This is not a real explanation, I’m afraid.

How do I convert a quickbooks file to CSV or Excel format??

The QBB file update. You can also choose to convert the QBB file to another format using a conversion program capable of converting financial data to another format. If a user happens to lose needed information or convery or the information within the QuickBooks files becomes corrupt, he or she can use the QBB file to restore the lost or corrupt information.

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conveet It is not possible to change a. We hand pick programs that we know can open or otherwise handle each specific type of file. When a QBB file is used to restore an original file, the file is sometimes renamed with the. It is also a convvert idea to make a backup of a backup. Saving the data is the sole responsibility of the customer. In simple how can I migrate from quickbooks to other accounting software, if connvert case tomorrow i do not want to use quickbooks or think as of my business has extended so much that it is demanding features which are not available in quickbooks.

I read that this can be done but I have not tried it. Did your computer fail to open a QBB file? Original downloads only All software listed on file.

How do I open a QBB file?

Before following the directions on this page and the pages these links are linked to, any data the customer does not want to lose will have to be saved. Proffitt Forum moderator January 1, 1: Some did, some didn’t, mostly folders where effected. It would become a receiving computer only, incapable of using these files itself because any it creates within its system will be converted to the new extension.

Does the “other computer” you say you want to “open” the CD on have the Quickbooks program installed? QuickBooks is developed by Intuit, and the extension ifle responsible for backing up financial data for the software application.

A quick look at Intuit finds https: What is a file extension? Files that contain the.

How do I open a QBB file? – Forums – CNET

How do I convert this file to something my computer will open? That is how back ups work.


We do not host downloads on our own, but point you to the newest, original downloads. How you do it. If you are certain that the extension you typed is one that the program you are using will understand, click Yes to confirm the change. Changing the file extension I’d certainly check it out on useless data first before running any risks with the company books.

QBB File – What is it and how do I open it?

Stay connected with us. CNET’s computer newbies forum is a great resource for new computer users to find solutions to their computer problems. I get a messsage that my computer cannot open it because it doesn’t know what program created it. It is also possible to redirect a file extension to a new location. See help and support.

Sexually explicit or offensive language Spam: Back to Computer Newbies forum 23 total posts. Try making use of them to associate a ZIP file with Microsoft Word or Wordpad or Notepad or Windows Paint – yes, the new association will attempt to open the file but the file data will remain unreadable because the applications do not “understand” the file type and format.

And changing the file extension can make an big differance when opening files. Thanks for you help. It helps Windows select the right program to open the file. Windows will warn you that changing the file name extension might cause the file to stop working properly. I ended up copying the QuickBooks file I wanted to save on disc to my desktop, then burning the desktop file to a CD-R disc.