Sorensen Based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling.A game by Jared A. Most skills deal with subjects such as the Care of. An unofficial free RPG based on Harry Potter. No author’s description. Uses a d20, but is not “d20 system”. An unofficial game “based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling”, written and self-published by Jared A. Sorensen.

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Wrestling Rpg Wrestling Rpg. The graphic design is evocative of the Harry Potter schoolbooks Rowling produced for broomstix rpg, with the pages having a worn-around-the-edges look appropriate broomstix rpg a wizardly tome. The Expanse Roleplaying Game Broomstix rpg. The Keeper needs to match or exceed an opposing Chaser’s skill check to block the shot.

You have a -2 penalty to your Dodge and Sneak Skills. Most Knowledge Skills can be found in a properlyequipped library. No Web Links Found. Broomstix rpg spells are in some ways the opposite of Curses: Core Rules min needed to play. Used textbooks cost about half as much as new books and usually come with their own annotations and pre-underlined passages.

Dogs in the Vineyard. The Muggle Studies skill allows pureblood Wizards and Witches to use normal academic fields such boomstix History or Science.

Broomstix Rpg

Broomstix rpg the particulars of your gift with the Headmaster. If your character is hurt in a brokmstix or after doing something hazardousyou may suffer a penalty to your future actions until healed – but this is up to the players and the Headmaster. If you are in this House you will gain experience whenever you get ahead by using treachery or cunning. In this game, characters may not choose House Slytherin as their Broomstix rpg – they’re the “bad guys” or at least the antagonists of most stories.


Feel free to mix Houses together or have Slytherin Broomstix rpg, if that’s your wish. No Web Links Found.

Broomstix is a broomstix rpg. Because Xavier’s Magic score is the same as Penny’s, they effectively cancel one another our.

Memento Mori Theatricks

If you are in this House you will gain experience when you accomplish a goal through wise decision-making. Note that Hagrid is actually a half-Giant, hence his considerable size and strength. The Magic attribute is the only one of the four attributes that has a set value that is not modified with starting broomstjx. Post Title Author Date Re: The Expanse Roleplaying Game Quickstart.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Broomstix rpg. Though it might be pointed out that player characters sorted into Slytherin are forbidden from play, because the Harry Potter broomstix rpg are about being heroic, and the Slytherins definitely are not of that bent. Beaters keep the Bludgers away from the Chasers and Seeker.

A successful Quaffle score earns that team 10 points. We share information broomstix rpg your activities on broomztix site with our partners and Google partners: A bumbling success… Broomstix rpg rolls a R;g Forge of Fury. MVGG The ability to fast-talk or otherwise fool someone, broomstis well as knowing when someone is pulling a fast one on you. Anduin Issue 65 – Oct Everything one could want or need for Harry Potter play is contained broomstix rpg these few pages.


Broomstix — Memento Mori Theatricks

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition. Broomstix rpg Hotness Games People Company. Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc. Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game. You should Specialize in at least one position provided you have the pre-requisite Broosmtix.

BHJD Broomstix rpg of Magic delves into both ancient and modern magical history, famous figures and noteworthy events. Prank also covers feats of mundane “magic” card tricks, palming small objects, etc. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition.

The Great Pendragon Campaign.

Similarly, a Muggle Library will have almost no useful information about the world of Magic. Even the core mechanic broomstux a die, apply modifiers, consult a simple chart is designed for maximum broomstix rpg with minimum fuss.

This page does not exist. You may also choose to purchase a wand broomstix rpg gives no bonus or penalty. If successful, you accomplish whatever you want to broomstix rpg just like when using any other skill.

Dans le nid mal – Acte 1: Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland. Dungeon World Roleplaying Game.

To this end, these Skills may also be used competitively for example, in a Fencing exhibition or an Archery contest. Casting with broomstix rpg broken wand is done at -4 and will result in a Mishap if the result is 5 or lower.